A visual communication solution improving safety and productivity

We believe that workplace communication can be better, and that visual communication is fundamental to understanding. We are changing how workers communicate complex worksite environments by applying the latest mobile technology to let people see the 'whole' picture.

A better way to communicate.

SeePilot is a tool to create and annotate 360° visual records of a workplace environment. These records can be layered with information (eg, mark-ups, voice memos, comment threads) collaboratively in real-time and viewed on a mobile device, VR headset or via a web browser - making communication visual and bringing everyone onto the same page.


Use a 360° camera to take a “print-screen of the workplace”. 


Use SeePilot to annotate and layer these Scenes with information. 


Share this with your team to collaborate and communicate with visual context – improving safety and productivity.


360° Collaborative spatial communication

SeePilot - Capture


SeePilot - Annotate


SeePilot - Communicate


SeePilot in action

Improving workplace safety and productivity through collaborative spatial communication.

SeePilot example features

LIVE SeePilot Web Viewer. Click and drag to rotate, tap on hotspots to open.

Popular applications



Produce in-house immersive and interactive training material using your workplace conditions, enabling scenarios to be created as the workforce needs.



Quickly capture all angles of an incident scene, insert markups and evidence photos with spatial context, then easily share this to external stakeholders.


Site records

Compile 360° worksite records for efficient updates to project stakeholders, with annotations to explain delays or communicate feedback on issues.



SeePilot is working with a number of leading companies who are seeing the benefits of collaborative spatial communication.


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